1. What is Cozy Stay?

Cozy Stay is a platform for managed & shared rental solutions that provide access to good quality shared accommodations to Bachelors and families for long term stays by Saying NO to shady PG accommodation.

2. What are the facilities available at Cozy Stay?

Our accommodations include quality furniture, home decor, modern amenities, property maintenance, monthly recurring bills and documentations making the whole package all-inclusive but easy on the pocket. Please refer to Tenancy Policy for complete details.

3. What options do you have at Cozy Stay?

In Shared Accommodation:

Private Room: Compact size private room to yourself

Twin Sharing: 2 like mind people in a room

Triple Sharing: 3 to Tango, more affordable

4. Are Wi-Fi, DTH, House Keeping services free?

No, we offer WiFi, DTH, Housekeeping as separate package for the tenant. If you prefer we employ local maids to provide weekly housing keeping including brooming, mopping, utensils washing and toilet cleaning.

5. Is there a commitment of stay duration?

Our offerings are extremely flexible but 3 month stay minimum. However, for convenience sake, we make agreements with an exit clause with 1 month prior intimation.

6. I would like to visit the apartment before confirming?

Certainly, on the property listing page, you have an option to select the desired bed and fill in your details for our sales team to touch base with you to confirm a convenient time.

7. Do I also get food inclusive at Cozy Stay?

Well, we provide a fully functional kitchen that allows you to cook. In case you want a maid, we can offer local maids to cook food for you with charges included in rent

8. I will be carrying a lot of luggage with me, what's the scene on the storage?

That's not a problem, we have lot of room for you and your belongings. We provide a bed with underneath storage and wardrobe to self, which is good enough to store goods carried in 3 big suitcases. We also provide a locker in your wardrobe for you to keep your valuable belongings safely.

9. Do you have laundry facilities included in the package?

We do provide fully automatic washing machines to cater to your requirement of washing clothes.

10. Is smoking allowed inside the apartment?

As you are aware that these are shared accommodations with individuals having different preferences. We have smoking zones in few apartments, but all Cozy Stay are non-smoking.

11. Do I get Bedding, Towel, and Personal hygiene kit?

We provide bed along with mattress, pillow, bed sheet and pillow cover and blanket. However, we don't provide personal hygiene kits or towels.

12. What is the maximum number of people I can book for?

Well, it totally depends upon property to property and basis availability. You can call or log on to website to check on.

13. When will I get the Home Keys?

1 set of keys will be given to each tenant (Main Gate + Room), at the time of move-in.

14. What do I need to know about Key handling?

At Cozy Stay safety and security is of paramount importance. We strongly encourage you to take utmost care of the keys that we hand over to you.

15. What if I have lose my keys?

On key loss, immediately inform both your roommates and us. If you want us to make another copy of your key set, we can do that at a reasonable charges.

1. How do I list my property?

Click on 'List your space' button on the top. Fill out important details about your listing. Our business team will reach out within 24 hours for a recce and confirm next steps.

2. What do you have to offer to me?

Cozy Stay is focused in building a platform to let owners maximize revenues and build trusted community for individuals giving them access to quality co-living homes.

3. What all services do you manage?

We understand your pain as owner of finding the right tenant. Cozy Stay offers a stress free renting, take care of tenant screening, documentation, regular maintenance and rental collection.

1. What is next step after finding the home?

Welcome aboard, Book your bed/room/home by transferring Token Money online.

2. What is token money & why do I need to pay it?

Token money is a small deposit made to book a home. Once token money is paid, your booking is automatically confirmed. Booking cannot be made without payment of token money

3. How much token money is taken byCozy Stay?

Fixed token money amount of Rs.5000 is taken byCozy Stay. The amount is fixed for every type of property you book (bed, room or entire house).

4. How is my token money adjusted?

The token money you pay while booking your home, is automatically adjusted in the security deposit to be paid.

5. Will Token money be refunded, if I cancel my booking?

Once booking is made, the house is booked for you. If you decide to cancel the booking, token money paid will not be refunded.

6. What is the monthly rental cycle?

You can pay the rent on or before 5th of each month. Rent can be paid online or through direct transfers/cheques

7. Are there any late payment charges?

We encourage you to pay the rent on time to avoid inconvenience. Rs. 100 for every day of delay will be charged from 9th to 15th.

8. How do I pay securely for my reservation?

All transactions on our platform are facilitated via our secure online payment system. As soon as your transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation receipt on your given contact details.

9. What are the modes of payment available to book?

We have the below modes of payment available for booking online:

Debit Card/Credit Card/Netbanking

Auto debit from bank account

Cheque or online transfer through NEFT / IMPS directly in our bank account.

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